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Send personal items, excess baggage, books, clothes, food items etc. from your home to the US with Explus Logistics.
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    Explus Express: India to USA Shipping

    We offer a fast and reliable door-to-door shipping service from India to the USA. We ensure a convenient and seamless delivery experience, picking up directly from your doorstep in India and delivering efficiently to your chosen destination in the USA. With Explus, experience the speed and ease of global shipping, made simple and effective.
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    How does it work?

    We keep the process very simple, once the shipment is booked, it will be collected the same day and after the customs documents are prepared it will be connected to the next available flight to the US.

    Doorstep Pickup

    Our pickup field agent will collect the parcel from your doorsteps

    Shipment Connected

    Shipment is connected to the earliest US bound flight

    Doorstep Delivery

    In no time the shipment will be delivered to the doorsteps of the consignee in the US

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    We offer the best prices
    across the industry.

    We offer the best prices
    than our competitors.

    Pricing tailored to fit your needs,
    perfect for both personal and business shipments.
    1̶0̶9̶9̶ 599 249
    per kg/yr
    For shipments sent from Bangalore, IN - USA with Explus
    Free Doorstep pickup
    Industry's best prices
    Zero hidden charges/fees
    Live Tracking
    In house custom clearance in India and the US
    Doorstep Delivery in the US by premium service partners
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    per kg
    For shipments sent from Bangalore, IN - USA
    Data is based on industry insights
    Paid Doorstep Pickup
    Higher Shipping Rates
    Hidden Charges & Fees
    No live tracking
    Frequent delays due to incorrect customs docs

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